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Homesteading... please explain meaning

21 years ago

I read some of the messages and they are all very interesting, but I'm still not sure I understand what homesteading means. Does it mean owning some property which may or may not include a house? In my city, you must claim a 'homesteading' exemption for the lower tax rate, that is, that it's the home you live in, not a second property you may also own. In this forum, does it refer to buying rural acreage for farming and/or ranching purposes? I hate to sound so dumb, but I would like to become educated about this. Thank you. P.S. I also dream of owning at least two acres, where i can raise veggies, and some chickens. I live in the city, and have managed to raise a few chickens, but of course, to the specifications and restrictions of zoning laws. It would be great to be able to allow my chickens to run loose, but they have to be penned up, as per municipal laws.

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