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What is eating my lemon balm? (some kind of caterpillar)

13 years ago

Something has been eating away at my lemon balm plant. I've noticed it over the past few days. Now, it just looks pathetic. I couldn't find anything earlier today, so I thought it was a rabbit. I went outside a bit ago to bring the balm in to protect it and noticed two long, brownish caterpillar-type things having from the bottom of two of the leaves. One was almost as long as my pinkie and skinny. The funny thing is they were hanging straight down with their mouths attached to the leaves of my lemon balm!!!! Well, of course, I grabbed the suckers and threw them off my deck, but what are they?

What can I put on the lemon balm to keep those things away? I heard that dish soap can be harmful. Can I get an insecticide at Home Depot and can I still use the leaves?

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