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will logs down 2 years still cut into lumber???

21 years ago

it is a bear to get anyone here to take a small amount of logs.tried to get the lumber co in union grove to cut them (1600 ft swath 30 ft wide)but the man that came out never even called me back. there was a lot of big oak and tulip trees. the power company just dropped them and left. they are in piles. are there people around here that come in to cut them,have they been down to long ? i'm a farmer not a logger,but if i could clean them up some and pay someone to cut them up i could use the boards. i want to cut another spot for garden and small fruits.its mostly the tall skinny pines (virginia pine?) but the pulpwood people called back,promised to come and never showed. by the way i am glad to find this forum,i'll have a million questions for y'all.

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