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Plumeria Theft in Naples....

15 years ago

My friend on the Florida Plumeria Society emailed a bunch of us today about a theft at her home in Naples... This is the email:

Friends, I want to share that yesterday morning after returning from some early morning errands, I found appr. 30 of my plumeria cut off at the base. In some cases, whole plants were yanked out of the ground too, and from some larger plants only one cutting was taken. I feel this was not a random theft but someone targeted my collection. They came with a machete, and they came with a plan. They were also clearly surprised in the act because a few cuttings were left lying on the ground, all with the tags on....

Be aware. And if a new person suddenly starts offering cuttings of nice varieties, just drop me a note please.....


So, if anyone hears anything please drop me a line and I will get the info to her.

Thanks for listening,


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