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New Seashore paspallum sod lawn care

13 years ago

Aloha Gang,

Need some advice about my new seashore paspallum lawn. I scored some paspallum sod from a friend and was able to cover about a 8 ft strip most all the way around my house. Unfortunately I didn't have a tractor so I had to use a pick and try to remove all the wydellia that was growing in the area where I wanted to lay the sod. Needless to say even though I dug deep, there was no way to get out all of that hideous ground cover (wydellia). Well the sod has taken very well; but of course the wydellia is coming out in all the cracks between the sod pieces. I am also still getting a bit of the stubborn guinea grass coming out in spots also. I threw rocksalt out and its doing a pretty good job of killing most of the weeds, but not so much the wydellia. I'm not sure how much rocksalt I can throw onto the lawn at once. Will too much burn the paspallum ? I've heard that some of the golf courses use a saltwater mixture sprayed directly on the weeds instead of just throwing out the rocksalt over the lawn or piling it over each of the weeds. Can any of you give me some solid advice on how to handle this best ?

Also, what is the best way, what is best to use, and how often, do I fertilize the paspallum ?

I also planted some old bent bermuda sod to finish the job. That took well also but I have the same problem. What should I use to control the wydellia and stuff around that ? Should I fertilize the same ? Will the paspallum eventually take over the bermuda ?

Mahalo for any suggestions you can offer.

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