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What could be wrong with my Hibiscus?

13 years ago

I've had a single red Hibiscus for many years. In the past several monthes, or more, it has gotten very spindley on top (I should have cut it back before, but it blocks the low sun in the winter coming in my front window), there are no (or very few) leaves on old growth, but it does produce flowers. The woody stems look funny, and there are webs on some of them. I've seen the squirrels sitting on the thin branches, biting a flower off, holding it and turning it round and round, eating something at the green end, then dropping it and getting another. The bottom part of the bush looks green and nice.

I asked someone at Home Depot, and they said Midge. I looked up Midge here, and it doesn't sound like it, nor thrips; I just read of the buds dropping off for those. I am planning to tackle it tomorrow (Sunday), but now I am not sure it is Midge, nor what to do with it.

The HD people said to cut it back, cut all blooms and buds off, pick up every one of the fallen old and new flowers, and burn them or put in a garbage bag, seal it up and put it in the trash.

Does any one know what this could be, and how to get rid of it without using poison or a systemic thing?

Thank you for any help.

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