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1st Red Beans -Success! Baked Beans next- Info Needed.

11 years ago

Red Beans- Perusing info here as well as from nchfp, yesterday I canned my first 17 pints of beans very successfully! All jars have adequate liquid, thanks to all who were generous with their time in sharing the info necessary to have that outcome.

I started with 5 pounds beans. With no room to spare, I used a 10 quart pot to cook the beans. I prepared them following the nchfp recipe then I put 1.5 cup red beans in each regular mouth jar and a scant 1.33 cup in each wide mouth jar, using long handled dry measuring cups. The jars were finished to 1â headspace with cooking liquid which was supplemented heavily with boiling water from another pot. Along with the 17 jars, I had about 5 cups in the fridge for other use.

Baked Beans - I plan to put together a double batch of them for the first time in a couple of days. Approved information said I could use bacon instead of salt pork, which IâÂÂll do. I know nothing about salt pork but know that even the best of bacon has a bunch of fat. How do they compare? Says use ý lb. bacon or salt pork per 2 lb. dry beans. This will make for very good flavor, but how do I know if it is too fatty? Forever reading about the insulation properties of fat/botulism, it makes me feel I need to know more for confidence sake.

Recipe: âÂÂTo can Beans, mixture must be âÂÂsoupyâÂÂâÂÂ
I am serious when I ask, âÂÂWhat kind of soup?â I do not eat store-bought soup. Can anyone help explain how thick/thin this should be, please? .... or, do you know of a website or video that shows this?

Each batch of baked beans calls for 3 large onions. I've forgotten who, but someone here once gave a handy site/page that listed averages for such things as how many pounds or cups equal so much small, medium large onion etc., or other fruit/veggies. I thought I had bookmarked it but can't find it. Anyone have it and have time to share, I'd appreciate :D

Here is a link that might be useful: nchfp - beans

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