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Growing lavender in highly humid conditions

16 years ago

I live in Jacksonville, Florida where the average relative humidity in the summer months is about 89% to 90%. I hear lavender plants hate humidity. Should I grow it indoors in an effort to control the humidity? Does it make a difference? I dont have a device to measure humidity indoors but Im thinking it should be lower than outside especially with central airconditioning indoors.

I just bought my plants recently and they are just a few inches tall. Also if I put them indoors in summer how often should I water them? And how much? Ive potted them in containers with a potting soil mix I got from a nursery(I think its called Fafard's )... how can I tell if it drains well? I also fertilized with miracle gro.

As anyone can tell I know very little about plants and I just hope I dont end up killing them even before they ve had a chance to bloom for me. Any help will be appreciated!

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