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Wednesday & Thursday Blooms

Julia WV (6b)
9 years ago

Thunderstorms (2) have passed late this afternoon and delivered a good amount of rainfall to my gardens so I won't have to go out and water the vegetable garden tonight. Not that I would look forward to doing that in 90+ heat and humidity making it feel like over 100. Temps rolled back slightly but more heat/humidity in store for tomorrow till the cold front comes through. I haven't live/deadheaded in days so once the weather breaks I'll need to do a thorough cleanup and also cut back some other perennials.

HOT TAMALES AND RED HOTS - opening now. So hot this morning I kept waiting to get the right angle without a lot of sun hitting the bloom.

ALABAMA WILDFIRE - not a nice thought about a wildfire but the bloom is eyecatching. My bee balm is getting mildew from the weather. DARN! And it was suppose to be a variety that was mildew resistant.

KENTUCKY LUCKY - just starting

PENNY PINSLEY - one of my favorite doubles. Small first bloom but grows on tall scapes and plenty of blooms to go.

SOUL ON FIRE - best of the blooms so far. Unfortunately it had alot of bug damage on most of the blooms so far. Well budded, lots of scapes and increases great but this year, it did have some issues.

JERSEY SPIDER - does a wonderful bloom cycle. Couldn't get all the scapes in one pic but I'll try again when the weather breaks.

BROWN WITCH - another wonderful bloomer.just started on Wednesday.

CASTLE ROSE BELLE - always doubles here.

WHIP CITY OOPSIE - another of Lori Jones intros which I love. Always a spot for a nice tall yellow

and now for some repeats...
INTELLIGENT DESIGN - still going strong

BIG HONKING HEART THROB - still going strong

LAVENDER CREAM CASCADES - still budded and more blooms to go. It does cascade when it blooms. Nice.

PRISMATIC - a bit different look from when it first started blooming.



RAINBOWS GLORY - finally looking better after the 3rd set of blooms.

Time to read the forums and then get some dessert :-)


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