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Reviving scraggly hibiscus... looking for advice

15 years ago

Hi all,

I'm a migrant over from the pool forum on GardenWeb, so this is my first posting here.

I've got about ten feet of yellow-flowering hibiscus planted in front of a fence in my back yard-- they are about six feet tall, and they came with the house. They seem to do okay on their own during times of rain but get scraggly at other times, so I decided to try taking better care of them. An oak tree nearby was cut down and I cleared out a few years' worth of dead leaves and weeds from the area underneath the hibiscus, fertilized them and started watering them. Voila-- within two days, two flowers have appeared.

So here are my questions-

1) can I put bark mulch or something around them to make the ground look prettier? What about newspaper underneath that to keep the weeds from coming back? Is it too late in the year to do this?

2) Should I plant something else to fill things in at ground level (like I said, they're pretty scraggly), or will the hibiscus fill out on their own if I'm taking better care of them?


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