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HAVE: Garden Share & Swap on Kauai

9 years ago

HI fellow Kauai gardeners! I've been looking for some gardening buddies since we moved here, so we started a monthly Garden Share in Wailua.

the concept is the simple: bring something you have, take something home you do not.

If you're on Kauai, please join us to share in the bounty of our gardens --- homegrown fruit, vegetables, eggs, herbs, honey, flowers, seedlings, plants and seeds! Garden not producing? No worries - we welcome homemade treasures, food, and supplies made from or for the garden or kitchen too!

Any items remaining at the end of the event will be donated to the food pantry or community garden, so it's a good cause as well. Last time there was a ton leftover!

For more info go to or feel free to message me here.

Particularly, I'm currently looking for short bee-friendly flowers for my veggie garden border and fruits for homebrewing into hard cider; will be bringing a variety of plants, seedlings, fruit and veg to share.

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