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Picture catch up...Monday & Tuesday

13 years ago

Been too busy or too tired to upload pictures these past few days....Here's what bloomed Monday.

FFO on Beyond Riches...I don't care for the color, I got it for the sculpting, of which I'll use it to cross with other posies in hopes that the sculpting will be passed on.

Dragon's Eye, looking lovelier.

Jordan Verhaert much prettier.

As is Just A Tease.


FFO on Mephistopheles, a nice dark purple.

FFO on Raspberry Winter, in the morning.

And in the afternoon. This one got JAT's pollen, and vice versa.

Schnickel Fritz had a beautiful bloom.

FFO on Siloam Fine Art.

Small Gesture is finally doubling a wee bit better.

And now Tuesday's new blooms:

FFO on Daybreak Fantasy. This one always looks different, and often has a serrated edge.

FFO on Jerry Pate Williams. His pollen will get spread around.

And finally, a FFO on Royal Majesty. It'll be prettier in subsequent blooms.

Thanks for looking. On to today's pictures, there are a lot.


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