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More rebloom from the past few days....

14 years ago

I may have shown some of these before....but they won't be the same photos anyway! :)

I have as yet to see a photo of ATU, taken in anyone's garden, that looked anything like the hybridizers photo. If anyone has one that does, please share it. :)

Filled To Overflowing put up a rebloom scape immediately after finishing it's first blooms. I love this dl.

FFO on rebloom scape.

1st time Jambalaya has rebloomed for me.

1st time for rebloom on Molino Pink Blush, too.

Another new one that put up an immediate rebloom scape. I love the soft colors in this one too.

I know I've posted Something Splendid before but this bloom was especially pretty to me with the nice soft gold edge.

OK...that's it for now, but I am still finding new scapes coming on dl's everyday, so looks like my season is going to extend into August this year. Makes me happy!! :)


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