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Looking for my old sunflowers

8 years ago

When I moved to Roanoke, Virginia from the coast I failed to bring seeds from one of my favorite sunflower plants. Now I have been scouring the web for 8 years and can't find this sunflower, Hope someone can help me.
Plants are easily 6 feet tall, some as tall as 10 feet, and from 2-5 feet wide. Plants have many branches, and each plant can have 100s of flowers. Flowers are bright yellow, about 4 inches across, single, with small (~ 1/4" x 1/7") black seeds. Leaves are dull green, a little fuzzy. I originally ordered the seeds from an heirloom seed company out of Texas, and thought they were called silver queen. The only "queen" I can find now is lemon queen. Hope someone can help!

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