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My Deer Don't Read -- can I save my plants ?

11 years ago

Ooops ! There goes another addiction.

With all of my research these last few weeks, I've found that some huecheras are deer resistant ... nothing is deer proof .. and decided to test for deer resistance before permanently planting my new heuecheras in the ground by planting them in containers and putting them out in deer territory.

My deer haven't figured out that they are not supposed to prefer heucheras to other plants. When I came out this morning, every leaf has been removed ... the flower spikes remain. I've prepared a bed in the protected area in back and will move the containers, but now I have to figure out how to save the plants. I like them.

Do I cut off all of the leaf spikes and expose the crown so that the plant can generate new leaves ? The containers will be located in partial shade. How much shade will be determined by whether or not they get leaf burn in high temps.

The three plants are all hybrid villosas ... said to be heat tolerant ... and I've found that the species h. villiosa can take high heat, but in nature is located in the south eastern part of the US where it is humid. My high heat is in an arid climate. I am guessing I will have to mist them during the weeks when we have triple digit temps.

But back to rescue ... what's the best way to save the plants?



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