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New Heirloom Garden, Need tons of Advice.

14 years ago

I posted a similar link in the general Vegetable forum but thought that people with Heirloom knowledge might have some unique insight for me.

I have ordered some seemingly unbelievable seeds from Seed Savers Exchange and want to prepare the ground and garden for my veggies. Ordered: Dragon Carrots, True Lemon and White Wonder cucumbers, Mtn. Sweet Yellow watermelon, Summer Crookneck squash, Buran and Purple Beauty bell peppers, and Hillbilly Potato Leaf, Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, Gold Medal, Moonglow, Brandywine (Sudduth's Strain) and Long Tom Tom's.

I don't know where to start, I am in Zone 10b, so I know I can grow here now, but am still worried it might be too hot. Where on the property do I plant? We have an east facing spot that will get some afternoon shade, we can plant in the back yard for full 12+ hours of sun, and an alcove that would be shaded in the early morning and late afternoon but get almost 8 hours of full sun. All requiring pulling up St Augustine grass, but I am happy to do it, just want to do it in the right spot. (No Chemicals have been used on the lawn for years, I checked with previous owner!) Also we will have an automatic sprinkler system near by all areas so if needed it can get daily or even twice daily watering, if we don't have rain.

I gardened as a kid, with lots of help from Dad, and would like to have enough food to feed our family good things. I tried to do research on the varieties I picked, knowing some might not work here (Black Krim), but now I don't how to start out on the best foot.

Like what do I need to do to prep the beds for the best nutrients (the Tom's are my first priority) and to maximize weed control? I have time to do this right, I would love to have a good crop.

I think I could stop there for now but I am sure I will have tons more questions, thanks in advance for your help!

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