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Bought new squirrel proof feeder....

16 years ago, how long do you think it will be until the little safe crackers break into it?

It was on sale at Kmart and has a collapsing perch. Not that I shop there regularly, but I like the Martha Stewart towels and they were on sale. It's so easy to go, "'s only $5!...oooh...that's only $9.99! Wow!...$7.99 for that!...while I'm here, I also need..."

Yeah...$165 dollars later...I decided I needed to leave the store immediately!

I have no major issue with squirrels, but with the price of seed going up and up, I'm tired of having them mow through the feeder seed on a daily basis.

Oh, I did buy some seed while I was there, by the way! It was on sale! ;)

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