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Melons 2006

16 years ago

There is another melon thread with 75 or so messages from 2004, so I thought I'd start another one. So how are your melons this year?

The heat wave that lasted for several weeks really helped one of my melons: Haogen. Several co-workers got a taste of this year's crop, and a common dscription was "a taste to die for..". The warm weather really helped the sugar content and aroma. Even gardener friends said it was the best melon they ever had, including the $4.00 Dulcineas they bought. LOL, I had 12 melons from 3 plants, all of them were about 1-2 lbs each with that dark green and orangey golden color and heavenly aroma. It was very firm but very juicy. It was much better than last year when the temperatures were 10=15 degrees cooler at ripening than last year.

The 4 Galia melon plants and 12 melons were excellent as well. The were also sweeter than last year, but not as sweet as the Haogen, though their distinctive flavor did not disappoint. The plant responded very well to the side dressing of manure and because the fruit and leaves were bigger than normal.

The hybrid Ambrosias were excellent as usual, but they fell victim to the cucumber mosaic virus. The leaves and consequent fruit were smaller than usual. The only other hybrid I grew, Butterscotch Sweetie, was larger than ever and sugar and aroma was higher than usual. What a great melon, though I am looking for heirloom sources for this hybrid melon I bought from Burpee. It actually riped in 68 days as opposed to the 74 listed on the packet.

The Eden Gem was large, juicy, and good, but not anywhere as good as the Haogen. I have four Montreal Melons planted, but one has already been hit with Cucumber Mosaic Virus. I hope I can get one to produce. It's the only melon I've tried haven't been able to grow.

The charentais melons were good, but the flesh color and aroma weren't as pronounced as last year, and from my memory even tasted better last year. My friends said the same thing. It seems the French melons actually did better for me when the highs were 80-90 rather than the 95-100 deg. F. we've been experiencing.

I will definitely grow the following for an early August planting. We can harvest melons in October and even into very early November if the weather is right: Haogen, Charentais, Galia, and Butterscotch.

How was your melon crop?

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