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'Before' and 'Semi-after' photos - lots!

15 years ago

Hi all, things around the yard were looking so nice this weekend I decided to take a few pictures and compare them to pictures from March when the sprinkler system installation had the whole yard torn up. Along the lines of Ricky's recent post about how fast things grow in Florida, I was really amazed at the recovery. I called these "semi-after" photos, because I can't wait to take some pictures in a year or so and see how much bigger my tiny, budget-conscious plants have become and I really start getting the landscaping look I envision in my mind. I feel like I'm achieving a good balance of blending plant collector personality with a pleasing public landscape, for which I totally thank each and every person that has posted on the forum for their contribution. I owe any success I achieve to all the wonderful advice and kind support I've obtained here. You're the best!

"Before" driveway view, we moved the driveway 8' to the right to balance it more and now I have room to plant citrus trees along the left side.

"After" driveway

"Before" streetside

"After" streetside

Another "After" streetside view

"Before" close up of entryway

"After" close up of entryway

"Before" front garden

"After" front garden

"Before" shade garden

"After" shade garden

"Before" back of pool

"After" back of pool

"After" side of pool

Moving rocks!

Happy yard, happy gardener :)

Now I'm just waiting for the grass plugs to fill in and hopefully paving the driveway is going to happen by this fall. I still have two major areas that I haven't even started on yet so I'll have lots more before and after photos from them. I'm on my second 12 cy batch of mulch and I think I'll be ordering my third within a month.

Along the lines of the hysterically funny post earlier about men stepping on plants, I pretty much don't let my husband in the yard, because he will find the one plant in a six foot radius and step on it. My new problem with him is as soon as I've finished planting and mulching a flower bed he walks out and says, "Oh, I forgot, I need to run a water line (or electric conduit) through there". And I could just strangle him!

Thanks for looking!!


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