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Perennial herbs with perennial vegetables/fruits?

12 years ago

I have a question. I know many or you have gardens or beds, specifically for herbs. I have a few smaller beds (on either side of my arbor) for roses and herbs, but eventually I would like most of my kitchen garden to be for perennial plants. This means, I want the blueberries, strawberries, purple raspberries, asparagus, roses, coneflowers, etc. in the same area as the perennial herbs...and maybe add a few annuals like dill or mint in pots.

So, does anyone else have this type of garden? Any tips or advice? It's a big garden, so I'm still planting annuals in some areas, until the beds are more established (potatoes this year where the baby asparagus will be transplated next year) but I plan to add in more perennials...and eventually move the larger annuals vegetables, with some herbs and flowers, to another area.

Here's a picture of my garden, from last fall. I'm still working on four smaller beds, where the two arches and bird bath are shown. This area is mainly for edibles, but I will have some sweet peas and morning glories over the arches, for now.

Does anyone else have pictures of their herb garden? Do you have any formal gardens? What do you use for paths? I like grass, but I know many people do not. Thanks for any ideas :)


And here's a close up of my beds, with the roses and herbs, from last fall. This garden is also for my nieces and nephews to 'help in' so I hope that explains bunny (LOL)


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