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Hey, Remember That Summer Fruit Cake Recipe?

14 years ago

Last summer (or was it the one before? summer seems so distant they're all running into one another in my mind), some lovely person posted a cake recipe here that was all the rage on the cooking forum. You put fruit on the bottom of the pan, mixed up a really simple batter and put it on top, and the fruit migrated up to the top during baking.

I never got around to trying it but I thought I'd saved the recipe on my hard drive. Needed a quickie dessert last night when my sister was here from out of town --- mom loves sweet things, and sister loves to partake of my canning goodnes, so I thought I'd make it with some home-canned peaches. Durned if I could find it. Or if a search here turned it up.

Does anyone remember what I'm talking about? Hopefuly some cleverer person than I, who actually DID save the recipe?

Thanks so much!


P.S. Dessert problem was solved by taking out a jar of pears poached in red wine and serving with the last bit of leftover gingerbread and ice cream. Was a definite hit, so all was well! But I want to be ready with the cake for next time.

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