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Holy Cow, Something New at GardenWeb

Wow! GardenWeb finally, after years of being behind the bandwagon, added the ability to directly add an image to a post! If you click on "Post a Message", at the top of the form there is a new field that reads, "Image file to upload (optional)" and a Browse button. I haven't seen any official announcement form GardenWeb, but there it is.

The new functionality appeared in several of the GardenWeb forums that I checked.

Was it worth the wait? What do you think? How do you like it? It looks like you can add only one photo per post. I wonder if they will amend this in time, too?

Remember all those conversations we had early this year about this website, the discussion about moving the group elsewhere, and the most common complaint of how difficult it is to add photos? Maybe someone at GardenWeb was listening. Although the ability to directly post photos has long been a standard and staple of almost every other forum, it looks like GardenWeb is making an effort to be more user-friendly.


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