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how much water is too much water?

16 years ago

I started planting heirlooms last year and only had success with the cherries. This year I planted 10 different heirlooms because I'm crazy. I'm trying to avoid mistakes I think I may have made last year.

1. how often should I water? I keep reading conflicting info..some say to consistently water, others only to water every few days.

2. when do I know the tomatoes are watered enough? when can I tell that they need water?

3. how do I get a nice slow watering without touching the leaves (and no I can't afford an underground hose system)?

4. I am doing both containers and in the ground tomatoes...are there different levels of moisture I should be giving them each time I water?

and this is slightly unrelated but - which are best? tomato cages or ladders?

thanks to all the expert opinions.

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