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Catching up on Sunday :-)

Julia WV (6b)
9 years ago

Got most of my photos done early today and uploaded them. So here is what is blooming today

MAGIC OF OZ - bought this last fall and not disappointed with it. Very tall scapes, lots of buds.

INTELLIGENT DESIGN - The taller scapes started bloom and three opened this morning.

Just for comparison, MAGIC OF OZ towers over INTELLIGENT DESIGN.

In the same bed area, RIBBIT RIBBIT opened today. First pic looks like they are dancing but then when I came around again, I noticed the petals/sepals starting to flatten down. Very tall scapes and loaded with buds. Increased from 2 to 4 fans since I planted it last spring.

MOONLESS NIGHT - one of the hardest photos to take before the sun starts to hit it. I couldn't figure out when I first looked at the pic what the whitish specks were. When I zoomed in, it was sun hitting the raindrops from the rain we had early this morning. Another good increaser, many scapes and buds this year. One of my darkest daylily.

AVALONIA QUASAR - planted last year but no blooms. So first time blooming here. Not a bad looking flower and I'm thinking to move this one down by JAMAICAN LOVE.

Which I will sneak in another pic of JAMAICAN LOVE because again, it greeted me with multiple blooms.

ONLY ONE DAY - planted last year so can't assess it yet and first time blooming. Looks like a couple of my other daylilies so I may decide to part with this one.

DESERT SHORE - I've had this one a couple of years now and got it when I got Stealth Bomber, Black Falcon Ritual and a few others from Curt Hanson. Not a good increaser or many scapes and buds but it always has good garden presence. Opens perfectly.

GRASSHOPPER - I got this last year and it didn't bloom so this is its first opening. I'm disappointed. The flower should be at least 5.5" and as you can see it is barely 3.5". I'm hoping for better blooms otherwise out it goes.

One of my favorites (and yes, I have many) is FANCY FACE. I am just mesmerized by the colors in this flower. It is not a big budcount but I will keep it.

I'll stop here as I'm overloading again. But first have to post some pics I took of HALF MOON KEY this morning.
I can't get all the open blooms in one pic but you can see why.

Will post more tomorrow.


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