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Stone Mountain Watermelon

16 years ago

Now violet before you move this I have reworded it to better fit this forum. I am looking for anyone who may have grown this variety of watermelon it was very popular 40+ years ago. It is a small icebox type red meated. I have had several people ask me about this melon in the past few years and it has prompted me to find it. I did find a dealer in Va. Meridith that still lists it but it has been on back order for over a year. It would be ashame for this variety to be lost. I have checked the last 4 years of SSE annuals but no listings. If someone has older copies could they please check to see when it was listed and maybe have a contact I could get to see if that person still has this variety. I have also sent an e-mail to Glen at Sandhill but this is a busy time and I don't expect a response I may try to call him later this week since he is the curator of the cucibits and melons are his specialty. I will also be attending the 10th annual seed swap in Crawford GA. Sponsered by PASS at the Southern seed Legacy project and will see if anyone there may have seed. Any help from anyone would be appreciated. Thanks Rodger

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