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Has anyone ever tried Olivin muskmelons?

19 years ago

I have some old seed for Olivin muskmelon from SSE 1997 Polish Collection. I tried germinating 5 seeds (wrapped in damp paper towels in ziploc baggies on the top of my fridge), just to see if they were still viable. I can't believe it- 5 of 5 sprouted! Has anyone ever tried this variety? Is it flavorful? Is it worth growing? Are the fruit pretty?

I've already got seeds for Noir des Carmes from SSE's catalog. I don't have a lot of space for melons, but I've never seen any melon as beautiful as the catalog picture for NdC. Should I grow a few less Noir des Carmes and give some space to Olivin?

I'm so intrigued by melons- beautiful vines and beautiful fruit. I've only eaten store bought muskmelons and they are so not flavorful. I'm really hoping to find something really special that tastes as good as it looks.

Suggestions, PLEASE!



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