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Hot and Humid Climate.

14 years ago

Well, trunips are getting too big so I need to start storing them but I live in Florida. Too Hot here for root cellaring. Ok then, what about drying. Well Rather humid here for that too. I've spent most of the weekend trying to dehydrate some things and it is a bit crazy. We might get a few warm sunny days right after a freeze where sun drying might be an option but would require bringing stuff in over night and there is no guarantee that you will get stuff dry enough before the humidity comes back. The oven and dehydrator have been in full swing as well as an old fashion air drying rack that I can rotate the trays in and out of to share use of the oven. Its getting hot in here and the dehumidifier has been running a lot too.

I guess I'm back to canning and freezing most things. I'm thinking roasting sliced trunips in the oven and then freezing them might be the best choice for those that don't get used in soup or stew right away.

At least sweet potatoes will keep fairly well at room temperature but how would you keep root cellar crops in a hot humid climate?

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