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Sun or shade or partial sun where to plant

15 years ago

I just bought a bunch of old and hybrid daylilys and it seemed I needed some more color. So for good measure I bought some of the following. I have grown the following in San Antonio but have never tried them on the coast. Should they all get morning sun and afternoon shade? Any help will be appreciated. I did buy 90 daylilies so these will be in different areas. They all will be planted in sprinkler zones do they need independent heads or will the coverage of the rotating heads be adequate?

Snowball-Doublefile (Viburnum)

Dwf Burning Bush Shrub (Euonymus)

Daylily, Hybrid (mixed colors)

Old Fashion Daylily(Hemerocallis fulva)

Red Rose of Sharon Althea Shrub (Hibiscus)

Forsythia Shrub (Lynwood Gold)

Jap. Red Flowering Quince Shrub (Chaenomeles)

White Rose of Sharon Shrub (Hibiscus Althea)

Blue Rug Junipers 'Wiltonii'

Red Leaf Barberry Shrub/Hedge

Purple Nanho BUTTERFLY BUSH, Buddleia


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