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too late to plant cool weather veggies?

I live in Boyne City. This city is located in the northern part of the lower peninsula.

I could really use advice and input regarding this please. I know weather is inherently unpredictable, but in July in the upper part of the lower peninsula in Northern Michigan would you advise against planting cool weather veggies? If I were to put them in full shade it would reduce the temperature but would they receive the sunlight they need to grow?

I plan to do a square foot garden; specifically one 4' x 4' box.

Before it was going to be raised beds but realized I wouldn't be able to afford the cost of the materials and I don't

have the space to do gardening via raised beds on top of this.

I'm on a very tight budget. The only reason square foot gardening is currently feasible is because a family member is going to build my square foot

gardening box for me. I have to wait 2 weeks for the box to be built.

I realize that it's later in the season as a result, but my alternative is

having people at the local hardware store build my box for me, which

they'd charge for, which in addition to cost of materials to fill the bed

and the seed packets themselves, I can't afford.

I'd like to do mostly cool weather vegetables, but is it really going to be feasible to grow them in July? I realize the weather here is cooler, especially because I'm located in Northern Michigan in the upper part

of the lower peninsula. However I don't want to buy the seed packets and plant the seeds if the weather is going to be so hot that they'll just die.

To do so would be a waste of money that I really can't afford to waste.

The cool weather veggies I'd like to grow are these:






*Turnips (not sure)

My only other questions are is the weather too cool to grow warm weather veggies? I plan to grow a few, just some bush green beans

and cucumbers.

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