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Best Lebanese Zucchini, Coosa, Mid Eastern Summer Squash, Kusa?

12 years ago

I have a friend who's had trouble with his Coosa Squash the past couple of years. His dad used to grow them with great success, but the past couple of years the yield and quality haven't been as good. One thing that has changed is the seed source. He's been using some Magda Cousa from Johnny's Seeds, and some Coosa from Pinetree Garden. His dad used to order seeds from Stokes, but we're not certain which variety he used to grow (he passed away this spring). Stokes currently offers Clarita and Ishtar, but a relative remembers him growing Ghada (or Gahda). I haven't found any current US sources for Ghada. He's inherited the responsibility for starting the 'Coosa' plants for a bunch of friends and relatives, so we're looking for the best varieties to try out next year.

They're used primarily in a Syrian recipe for stuffing when small, and need to be straight, fairly short, and cylindrical (not bulbous). He says ones that are very pale fruit are better than the pale green with mottling. We're also looking for high productivity and, if it exists, some Powdery Mildew resistance would be great (we get a lot of it around here).

I've found about a million different names for these light colored summer squash zucchinis including: Coosa, Cousa, Cusa, Cushaw, Koosa, Kousa, Kusa, Kuta, Middle Eastern, Lebanese, Egyptian, Vegetable Marrow, White Bush, Bianco di Trieste and any combination of those terms. Most hybrids seem to be described as Mid-Eastern Zucchini.

I'd really appreciate any experience anyone has had growing and using any variety of this type of squash.

Thanks for the help g-webbers!

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