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Blue Fescue & Pink Muhly Grass

10 years ago

Hello all,

I hope my ornamental grass experts are out there. This past April my husband and I had the front of our home landscaped. We chose Blue Fescue for the borders in the beds in the front of the house and Pink Muhley grass on the side of the house and in the front beds.

I'm not familiar with the Blue Fescue (for the borders of the beds) and when these were planted they almost already looked dead. All the middle grass in the middle of the plant was dead. I should have said something when the landscaper brought the plants but thought they would bounce back over time. They haven't. I informed our landscaper (we have a guarantee) that the plants did not look good and something had to be done. He said to water more and let them know in a few months.

Any advice? Is it in the fall when this grass reaches its potential? Do you ever cut it back?

Next is the muhly grass. This has done much better than the blue fescue but I'm not seeing any pink on it yet. Is it too early or possibly since it had just been planted in April that it might not flower this year?

Any help at all concerning these grasses will be appreciated.

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