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Tell me your best-tasting, long-storing winter squash

15 years ago

I love growing winter squashes, particularly for their storage abilities, and they're pretty too. I've only previously done Butternut and had reasonable success.

This year I tried "Golden Hubbard" and had one for dinner last night. No lie, I cut it with a DeWalt 18 volt reciprocating saw, which by the way, I would recommend to anyone else trying to crack one of these things open.

It was barely tolerable to eat. I think maybe it still wasn't ripe as the few seeds in it were small and immature-looking.

Anyway, it got me to thinking I should pay alot more attention to taste than looks. The Golden Hubbards do make a stunning seasonable Fall display. But I have read here and there that their taste isn't so good, even when fully ripe.

So... what super-tasty winter squashes are out there? Buttercups? Sugar Hubbard? Banana Pink?

I don't want to plant anymore stinkers.

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