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Can I move a dead pampas grass to try and revive it?

16 years ago

Last year I planted a nice pampas grass in an area with really bad soil. It's an area next to a newly constructed garage, and the builders just piled their crap (gravel and concrete pieces) in a hill. Horrible weeds were growing (mostly sheep shower and the occasional crabgrass), so I worked hard to rid the weeds and pieces of concrete, then planted various things. Day lilies, sunflowers and dahlias did quite well, and nearly everything else did not. So I'm going to let the day lilies and dahlias spread and take over.

The pampas grass grew really well last year, though did not get any plumes. I didn't cut it back...intended to, but forgot and then it was winter, and I thought what the heck. Now I've read that if you don't cut it back, it won't come back up. My bad. It all died back, and then never got new growth this past spring.

So I'm wondering if I could dig it up and plant it somewhere else to try and revive it. Would this work, or is it just plain dead and beyond repair?



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