Inverness Swap - A good time was had by all

12 years ago

Well guys, it was a hot day but we had a great time. Three intrepid Delandians made the trek across 44 to Inverness to swap plants and talk to plant people. As usual, we were not disappointed. Thanks Mary for driving. Kara, thanks so much for having us over and thanks to your mom for the garden tour. It was amazing!

Here are some pictures.

Our host, Kara digging in the dirt.

Kara's garden

My new best friend. I tried to trade some plants for her but nobody was interested.

Kate's famous little red wagon:

Lynn's (Kara's mom) garden. This is just part of it but it is large and incredible. And like most gardeners, if you liked something you got it, but I noticed she got Kara to dig it up. Smart mom!

The other intrepid photographer:

All in all, a good day. Kara, thanks again.


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