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Bugs, clumps and 2 FFO

11 years ago

Too hot today..

This is Big Easy, can you see a grasshopper in the middle? Last year I had another daylily growing there and I regularly saw green grasshoppers on it too and such spots. That's what they do I believe. There are brown small grasshoppers, I don't know if those do any damage or not


One of my three roses opened again. Surprisingly, JBs are not all over it yet. They ate all basil, and are now on wild grapes. But.. I see them in / on the lilies a lot and.. unfortunately on daylilies too


I found them on several daylilies, like on this one. I try to knock them off they fly away and return (this is pale pink noid)


This is still a good bloom, but after taking pictures, when I went out again to look at them (daylilies I mean), I found that darn JB on Victorian Lace and it already ate a hole in one petal :((


Now on to some that had multiples today, and which I posted several times already. I wish they would group together and all look at me for a picture :)

Prediction - love it! But sometimes it will do that (see middle flower)


Sherry Lane Carr


Nan's First Blush


Light of the World - there was more but all on different sides of the clump. Too many buds on top some of the flowers were crowded


Couple NOIDs

I really like this noid, color is so bright (not in my pic) and looks good with the green throat; there are too many with the same look to id


One next to it and taller had a poly today


And couple first flowers

Guilded Appeal - love the edge on this, and there were 4 first flowers today


And Bluegrass Memories, the one I really wanted enough to make an unplanned order last fall. The plant is small, the flower is small, and with spots, but I am glad it survived :)


Thanks for looking!

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