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I need a pep talk.

12 years ago

Well, gang, I am starting to think that I'm just not meant to grow edibles.

You've all heard about the squirrels that eat my tomatoes. I have 9 plants -- all growing fine -- but have only had 2 tomatoes. (The squirrels have had plenty.)

I'm on my second crop of zucchini -- first one succumbed to squash vine borers. It is looking like this crop isn't going to make it, either.

Eggplants have been semi-productive, so that's good.

But this is probably the third year of spending lots of money on plants and soil amendments -- and nothing to show for it. Maybe I'd be better off riding my bike up to the farmer's market on the square and giving those guys my money.

At this point, the only thing I can think to do is built a hardware cloth enclosure around the raised beds. But that wouldn't stop the bugs.

Do you think I should just give up and spend my time, energy, and money on my landscaping?

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