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All Groundcover - All The Time

13 years ago

Anybody else here gone whole hog and eliminated grass from their property and planted whatever else, like me?

I'm new to Gardenweb and didn't see a place to discuss this kind of gardening. There's a 'Lawncare' section. Maybe a 'Non-Lawn care' section would be appropriate.

My place: Moved here full-time about 4 years ago, and it's nearly half an acre with some mature maples that made the ground bumpy,dry (difficult to mow and even grow grass on). Combine nice sandy loam, location in southernmost Canada and an intense dislike of mowing (it always just seemed to grow back!), with a gardener who could turn a few thousand cuttings into groundcover and augment that with numerous perennials started from seed, and some starter plants and voila!

Plants growing here now include vinca minor (periwinkle), v. repens, sedums - tricolour, oracle, golden acre, hostas, thymes, galium sweet woodruff, lavenders, bellis, strawberries, rockcress, catmints,artimisias, over 350 shrubs and newly planted oaks and tulip populars. Used landscape cloth covered with wood chips for trails.

I like the fact that this yard improves every year, as opposed to when you mow, it just seems like a temporary solution to the problem (of that ever-growing grass).I like not being subject to grass' schedule, nor subject to the whims of machines that may or may not work.

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