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What's still blooming on July 25th (photos)

12 years ago

The garden looks so bare of blooms now, even though I have 26 cultivars still in bud. But 26 out of 650 doesn't look like much, especially when those blooms are mostly in four beds. Long stretches of daylily beds are bare.

This will be my last daily photo update. It's back to school in a week, and I have a lot of appointments and last-minute things to accomplish before I return to work. Plus, I seem to be photographing the same daylilies over and over. I'll still be doing a once a week update until everything is bloomed out. At this point, the only new scapes emerging are on Bella Sera, Royal Jester and Lady Wu.

REMEMBERING ROSE has bloomed with triplets every day this week.

FRANCIS OF ASSISI - This is the last bloom, and it's looking lighter due to yesterday's temps in the high 90s.

MUTTON JADE has been blooming for nearly six weeks now. This Moldovan was a perfect addition to my late bloomers bed.

HOLLY DANCER is still dancing in the hot colors bed.

BELLA SERA was very attractive to this bumblebee today.

The perennials in the Circle Bed add a splash of much-needed color in late July.

Phloxes in the Circle Bed

Cowgirl suveying the garden action

Zuzu, who I have now discovered is a male, is still quite afraid of me. He was getting braver, but seems to have regressed. He is bothered by seeing me pet and play with Cowgirl and Columbus, and even shakes sometimes when he watches from afar. His favorite pastime: batting small rocks around in the driveway.

Midnight doesn't show himself enough to get photographed very often. He has figure out how to get more food when he comes to dinner late. He stands in the plate and covers the remaining food with his body, then swats the others who try to get the tasty morsels.

Columbus is fascinated by bugs and spends a lot of his waking hours chasing them. He jumped two feet off the ground last night, trying to get a lightning bug.

Watching these kittens is so much more entertaining than television!


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