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Some from today and recent blooms

8 years ago

After a day of highs in low 60s and even colder night majority of the flowers did not open.
Here are some from today that did actually open (mostly dips)
Chorus Line FFO

Christmas Carol FFO

I transplanted it 2 years ago and then last year dug it out completely. Lo and behold one fan remained in its original location (very close to another plant) and sent up a scape.

Grace Brooker FFO

I barely remember it from 2 years ago, hope it'll improve

And the last FFO from today that was more or less open - Forty Days and Forty Nights. It's so far the tallest DL in my garden, up to my waist!

And some from the last few days
FFO on The Band Played On

Intelligent Design FFO

Christopher Moody 2FO

Siloam Double Classic FFO

Berry Delicious FFO - not a very good opening, I had to help one (lower) sepal, and today they are barely open at all

No More Tears (finally!! I've been waiting for 2 years to see a bloom, not NMT's fault)

It had 3 flowers today and 1 open perfectly but my pics didn't turn out well

And lastly - my first (and only) seedling!
FFE (after light rain) and its 2nd flower

In short - it's unknown

Long version - it was when I was obsessed with finding names for my noids. Also checking ploidy esp on one pink and one orange noids. I crossed them with.. well pretty much everything :) I then got tired of seeing bags of seeds in my fridge and went ahead and just basically threw them all in the dirt (2011 and 2012 crosses). Well, I marked too but all the markers got washed away.
Anyway only very few germinated and only one remained, it survived that bad winter of 2012/2013 when I lost a lot of DLs, and this year there was a scape, then the second scape from the same fan (it only has one fan) and voila, it bloomed :)
When we saw a scape we were excited but I told my DH that usually first seedlings turn out ugly so I was planning to throw it away. He protested and said no matter what he already liked it and it was going to be his seedling ;) That was actually funny because he is not a DL person at all.
Anyway it looks fine IMO, I'll keep it. Also it strongly reminds me of Carnival in Brazil, and I suspect that most probably CIB is its mother and orange noid is its father.
Apologize for the long post :))

Thanks for looking!

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