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17 years ago

When I became enamored with ornamental grasses, three years ago, I was under the impression that most/many of the ornamental grasses didn't set seed or the seed wasn't viable, at least in my zone(zone 5-Mid-Missouri)....

well, last Fall, when cleaning out my daylily beds I came across several dozen Miscanthus seedlings, about a foot first I was very excited, because I wanted to expand my collection to plant on the 4 acres I was planning to build a house on, out in the country...anyway, come this year they have grown quite a bit, enough to be identified...I have 60 plants, mostly "Gracilimus" with several "Zebrinus" and "Adagio" in with the mix. Last Fall, they were only about a foot tall and I figured they might be "Adagio" because it blooms at the end of July and the other two don't bloom until October here and I figured it would be the only one with enough time to set seed, even tho I had read that it didn't set viable seed ....

after thinking about it, tho, I'm not quite sure that I want to plant them on the new rural land, if they are going to multiply at this rate. I fear they may get a bit out of control... has anyone else had experience with Miscanthus doing this??

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