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what grasses look good together?

17 years ago

Hi all--

I have a 20 foot privacy fence that runs parallel to our driveway. I'd like to plant some grasses in a long row in the space between the privacy fence and the driveway. Since my front garden is sort of a hodgepodge of groundcovers and low-growing perennials, I'd like to keep with that informal look and do a mix of grasses, rather than a row of a single variety. But...I don't want it to look too much "seat-of-the-pants" casual; I'd like it to have some logic behind my design.

My question for you all is: What grasses look particularly good together? OR--is this just a plain old bad idea--i.e., stick with a single variety? (I have been known to spend beaucoup $$$ on plants, only to rip them out and give them to my sister & friends, so I know I have the potential to have some stunningly bad ideas.)

I'm in Wisconsin, so I'd like to stick with plants that are in zone 4-5 range at best.

Thanks for any ideas!


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