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Hakone Grass Questions

18 years ago

Hi all. This is my first venture into the Ornamental Grasses forum. But I'm quickly falling in love with grasses and may be here much more often.

Anyway, I have a stream bank that I would like to line with Hakone grass of some kind. I haven't seen it for sale in my local nurseries (I'm in zone 6).

So, what I would like to know is (1) whether it would do well in a fairly wet environment. It won't be sitting in water at all, but it will probably get pretty constant moisture; (2) whether it spreads quickly enough that I would be able to buy just a few plants and divide them up; and (3) if it doesn't multiply very rapidly, where I could acquire a large number of plants inexpensively or whether I could start some from seed.

Thanks so much!

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