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Tuesday's walk in the rain...part 1 (pics)

14 years ago

Tonight would have been a dream walk in the garden if it hadn't been dumping rain. No complaining though, as we needed it badly.... a month and a half in the Seattle area without rain and things get desperate!

I had a hard time narrowing down the pics I wanted to post today, so did it in two sections.

Here is the first group of beauties that were enjoying the shower:

FFO on a first year plant...I think I am going to like!!

The overcast actually let me get a decent pic of the color of Smokey Mountain Autumn.. most of mine turn out washed out.

Another FFO on a new plant, but I wasn't as successful at capturing the true color of Sister was just glowing last night.

I can tell I am going to have tons of pics of Painting the Roses Red as I am just in love with it. Another first year plant, and it has just been blooming it's heart out.

That's it for the first group... now to post part two.


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