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Bird's tragedy

16 years ago

Mockingbirds who built nest on my fence just lost all their 4 babies. Yesterday I came home at 2 p.m. and spooked brown vulture from the road right in front of my house. It was eating something and two mockingbirds were attacking him violently. But they looked like flies around him. It was Turkey Vulture - huge! I looked what he was eating and found two mockingbird chicks (not much left). But two other chicks were in the nest and looked fine. Today early in the morning I found them dead - covered by hundreds of ants! They are stiil in the nest and their parent are still around my backyard. I don't know what to do. I am afraid if I remove dead chicks they are going to use this nest again immediately. And it's such an unsafe place as it turned out. I am going to call service and spray all my yard for ants, I am sorry I never did it. I am not sure it'll help, I cannot treat the forest behind! I felt like I am responsible for this birds because they were on my fence and now I feel like I failed them.

Thanks for reading my whining.


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