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caring for carex in santa cruz, coastal area

13 years ago

hi - I got the suggestion from this forum to plant carex a couple of years ago, and I'm happy with how readily it spreads, so it seems to like it around here. I made a slight mound with a yard of topsoil and planted a lot of seedlings that I got from a native plant revival nursery in about a 250 sq. ft. patch.

I like it when it's long and green, but I'm feeling a little challenged in trying to care for it. I'm not really sure how to take care of it as it gets older. It's in a medium sunny to sunny section of the yard. As it starts to get long, it starts to get old and yellow underneath.

In case anyone can offer suggestions, my questions more specifically are:

1. Should I try to cut it back? If so, maybe just by hand with scissors or is there a better way? I'd like to stimulate growth.

2. Do you think that some type of fertilizer would be good?

3. If it dries out in the summer, will it come back green when the winter rains start?

4. Is there a good way to water long grasses like this?


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