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What do you do about daylilies you don't like?

15 years ago

I have some daylilies growing here that I can't stand. Bonus plants from last year growing very well. Healthy and thriving. Bloomed and I hated the flowers. Now, the flowers were not off or not looking like they should be. They did look like they should look as I look up pictures whenever I can. I just can't stand them.

I have daylilies here that might not be my favorites but they are ok. These are in a different catagory altogether for me.

Plus I know its an indiviual thing. Sometimes I see really "cutting edge" florida daylilies in pics that I absolutely hate. DARLA ANITA would be a perfect example of that. I know many of you grow her and love her and not trying to disagree with anyone, just not for me.

So GALACTIC WARRIOR, a UFO from Ledgewood daylilies makes the top of my hate it list. Next is CINDY JONES a pink with yellow edge. I looked up the picture when I got it, hated it but planted it anyway. You never know. Now I do know. Not for me. The funny part is that I normally LOVE pink with yellow edge but this one is just that dull matt color with no sheen. Yucko to me.

Last is TRANQUIL WATERS. Nice big healthy fans and lots of bloom scapes. Too bad I thought they were ugly, ugly, ugly.

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