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WANTED: groundcover for shade, near pines, keep out other foliage

17 years ago

hi all

i am a novice gardener looking for some advice and you guys always seem to come through...

i want:

- fairly invasive THICK and LOW (- does well in partial to full shade under pine trees

- pretty damp soil

- will help KEEP POISON IVY OUT! (which i have been ripping out)

- not TOO hard to control (so it wont wreck my stone path)

the area i need to "cover" is basically a small wodded zone... with grass on one side, a garden bed (yet to planted) on one side, the stone walk on another, and more woods (dont care about them) on the fourth side.

the garden area is mostly sunny to partly shady so maybe if the ground cover doesnt like too much sun that will help control it naturally from spreading that way? same with the grass area...

any ideas? I live in Massachusetts (non-coastal)

thanks for your help

i am hoping to buy some plants as easly in the spring as i can to get them in before other growth starts up.



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