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concerned about cross-pollination help!

I plan on growing squash in raised beds.

The raised beds will pretty much be put in a plot in a straight line (or stacked, like a pyramid, I'm not sure yet).

My concern is with the raised beds being that close together, will cross-pollination occur?

Two varieties of different squash (i.e. a spaghetti squash and a butternut squash in the same bed) is NOT how I plan to plant them in the beds.

Each variety will be grown in a separate bed (butternut in one bed, acorn in another bed, etc.)

However since the beds are going to be so close together then is there still the possibility of cross-pollination occurring. All the squash in the raised beds will be in the same row, but each variety will be in a separate bed.

I also plan to grow melons in raised beds; I plan to use the same method for planting melons as described for winter squash (no the melons won't be planted with the winter squash in the same bed).

Here are the varieties....

butternut, buttercup, spaghetti squash, pumpkin (pie pumpkin) kabocha (Asian pumpkin), delicata, hubbard

melons....watermelon, galia, cantaloupe

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