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Yet Another Cuban Tree Frog Thread!

12 years ago

Yes, I dislike them as much as the rest of you, mostly because of the fact that they prey upon our smaller native tree frogs.

Here's something I do to help out my local native cricket and green tree frogs. When my ditch fills with rainwater and I notice zillions of tiny black tadpoles, I net a bunch of them and put them in a large bucket of rainwater with a secure lid. I also throw in a bunch of vegetation and a little fish food.

I check on them often, and once they become froggy-looking and start climbing up the sides of the bucket, I make sure they are cricket or green tree frogs, then release them.

Meanwhile, their relatives who were left behind in the ditch were either eaten by herons or perished when the water dried up before they had a chance to mature.

Needless to say, there are always plenty of native tree frogs singing in my shrubbery.