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Difficult/Easy to grow Mock Orange in GA?

16 years ago

I'm really finding myself to be rather hesitant in planting new shrubs and/or certain perennials this year due to the fact that not only is it already dry (in my yard, at least), but the extended outlook for the summer is a continuation of the drought. I would love to replace some of my lost azaleas and rhododendron but I'm afraid that already the heat is too high and of course, as I mentioned above, my yard is extremely dry that I'm just setting myself up for failure and any new azaleas and rhododendron for certain death.

I have a subscription to GardenGate Magazine and in the January 2008 issue, Mock Orange is listed as one of the most fragrant shrubs. I don't think I've ever seen a Mock Orange (to know I'm looking at it, that is), but anything with gorgeous, white blooms just makes me sigh in my desire to plant it and watch it grow.

So is Mock Orange difficult or easy to grow in NE Georgia? Would you recommend I try to find one and plant it THIS year, or should I wait to see if the drought ends next year? What conditions does it really like? I read it needs full sun to partial shade. There is hardly any areas in my yard that has full sun, and most of it is from partial to full shade. Would it work in those conditions?

Thanks for your advice!


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